Deposit with APY of 56% for 90 days

Decentralized trading system

We have developed a smart contract, which is based on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain and provides transparency, reliability, and security for the trading program

Automatic distribution of rewards

Our smart contract automatically distributes rewards to users based on their share of the total pool of pledged tokens. Rewards are accrued daily and users can watch their rewards grow in real time

Ease of participation

Users can easily pledge their AID tokens into our trading program through an intuitive interface. Participation in the program is available to all AID token holders

Graphic designFixed Term Placement

Pledged AID tokens must be locked in for 90 days. This mechanism maintains a stable economic model for the token and encourages long-term use

Liquidity Support

Participation in the trading program helps maintain AID token liquidity in the market, as users who pledge their tokens reduce the available supply on exchanges. This can have a positive effect on the value of the token and its market capitalization

Token Name: Artificial Intelligence Defi
Symbol: AID
Total Supply: 100.000.000
Decimal: 18

Token Name: Artificial Intelligence Defi
Symbol: AID
Total Supply: 100.000.000
Decimal: 18

Group 101
36 %

Staking Rewards

We will use the allocated 36% of the total supply of AID (36.000.000 AID). This supply will be distributed to AID stakers over the course of 2 years We are reserving a large portion of native tokens to grow the ecosystem. Token rewards are included in that portion as well. For their long-term commitment to the project, users can get staking and liquidity provision rewards and some platform prizes as well.

18 %


AID Finance also plans to launch a AID Wallet with unique possibilities to grow your wealth. Wallet will include also Staking program which will help you to increase your passive income designed to help you earn rewards and accelerate your APR. Launch of the AID Wallet is expected in October 2023.

17 %

Public Sale/IEO/IDO

12% AID tokens from total supply ( 12.000.000 ) will be used for Initial Exchange Offering and Public Sales The Initial Dex Offering will use the allocated 5% of the total supply of AID (5.000.000), making the initial price of AID $1.36.

7 %

Airdrop and Bounty

To allow qualified community members to be rewarded for fulfilling certain requirements . For marketing strategy, to build a strong community, we allocated small portion of the AID tokens – 4% are sent to the wallet addresses of active users for free or in exchange for some small action, such as a retweet or a subscription to a social media channel.

14 %

Team and advisors

Includes 11% reserved for team and contractors, and 3% for advisors. Amounts allocated for team members as performance incentives are provided on a 5-year vesting schedule.

8 %


At AID Finance, we believe in "borrow to earn, borrow to spend". We offer users easy access to a variety of crypto products by staking their existing assets. With Loan, you can increase cash flow, invest in stablecoins, and subscribe for new crypto products without exposing your portfolio to price volatility.


Had an Idea, Team girthed.

Development of the AID token, integration of BSC core assets, liquidity mining.

Creation of white-paper, website implementation.

Introduction of social interaction modules and educational materials to create a unified user community and simplify interaction with the platform.

Raised 4.78% from Public sale (7%), IEO preperation in Tarmex exchange and IDO in Pinksale.

Centralized and DEX listings, providing liquidity.

Starting staking program with high APR to attract more investors for loan portfolio.

Implementation of the NFT marketplace, which allows users to pledge, sell and buy NFT assets within the AID ecosystem.

Development of new generation decentralized, secure and fast crypto wallet with integrated staking program.

Development of the DeFi ecosystem and integration with other platforms and protocols, creation of partnership programs with projects in the field of DeFi, FinTech and traditional financial institutions.

Expanding the geography of the platform and localization of services to ensure access to decentralized financial services at the global level.

Development and implementation of solutions in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning to optimize risk management, collateral assessment and forecasting market trends.

About us

AID Token thrives on the idea that anonymity breeds innovation. Personalities can often overshadow projects, which is why our team operates under a veil of anonymity, even among ourselves. This allows us to focus solely on providing our users with the best experience and groundbreaking solutions in the passive income industry.

Our team comprises brilliant minds from a variety of fields, such as developers, strategists, designers, and artists. By investing in AID Token, you are backing the notion that a collective of highly skilled individuals can successfully disrupt traditional finance.

If the concept of anonymity raises concerns about credibility, we invite you to join our community forums to witness firsthand the passion and dedication behind our project. Our ultimate goal is to create a secure and robust platform that speaks for itself, and we believe that our anonymity only serves to strengthen this pursuit.

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